Apparently Someone Made These GIFs Of Me

So I googled myself the other day and found all these gifs that were made of me. I’m still not sure if I’m flattered or creeped out. I tried posting them on Twitter, but they’re apparently anti-gif, so I’ll share them on here. Even though I find it slightly creepy, I still think its kind of cool. Thanks whoever made them.

The Sarah Rae lip syncing collection:

tumblr_mnusoqNAgx1r8h243o3_250     tumblr_mnusoqNAgx1r8h243o2_250     tumblr_mnusoqNAgx1r8h243o3_250

The Sarah Rae has hair collection:

tumblr_mnusoqNAgx1r8h243o5_r1_250    tumblr_mnusoqNAgx1r8h243o6_r1_250

Sarah Rae not reaching her goal on time (gee thanks guys):

        tumblr_moavy7ZkYH1r8h243o2_250   tumblr_moavy7ZkYH1r8h243o1_250

        tumblr_moavy7ZkYH1r8h243o3_250   tumblr_moavy7ZkYH1r8h243o4_250

               Sarah Rae pulling out her titties while awkwardly looking off in the distance:

       tumblr_mpa2vdbLlz1r8h243o4_250     tumblr_mpa2vdbLlz1r8h243o3_250

       tumblr_mpa2vdbLlz1r8h243o2_250     tumblr_mpa2vdbLlz1r8h243o1_250

And finally, Sarah Rae being creepy at Score Studios:

       tumblr_mlu375fFXz1r8h243o4_250    tumblr_mlu375fFXz1r8h243o1_250

9 thoughts on “Apparently Someone Made These GIFs Of Me

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