Hey guys! I’m super sick and haven’t been doing much for the past couple of weeks besides playing The Sims 3. The days are actually starting to meld into one now and I’m starting to feel sad from being unproductive but anyways….. I’ve decided to take this sniffly time to share my experience at Exxxotica in Chicago a couple weekends ago :-)

It was so exhausting but also SO MUCH fun :-) (Except for the one guy that kept taking like a million pictures of me and tried to get me to take my tits out in the lobby of the convention center) I didn’t have an official booth and pretty much just walked around but I met so many amazing fans. I also met Sara Jay who totally motorboated me and we swapped stickers :-)

I also shot with some amazing models for my site YesBoobs.com :-) I met up with Cameron Skye gain and OMG did we have so much fun!!!! I didn’t think it was possibly for her to get any hotter but her boobs grew and they are way bigger now then they were last time :-) Mine also have grown, to a K cup now, and we totally had to measure each other’s boobies :-) We sent out some sexy pics of us topless together and literally could not stop playing with each other’s huge boobies :-) It was so much fun playing together! We lotioned each other up, tired on bras together, motorboated each other, iced each other up since we’re obviously so hot ;-). We even dressed up as school girls with pigtails and all, jumped on the bed and spanked each other with a paddle! Like honestly the time flew by and the videos I took with her are probably the longest I’ve ever taken. I’m editing one to release next week and its nearly 30 mins! We had such a blast! What a super amazing girl!

I met some new models too….

Carol Foxxx aka XRatedWife is super cool! Had fun shooting with her! What a smart and sexy woman! Also a fantastic dirty talker! Omg I am so jealous of her dirty talking skills :-P I also go the honor to feel up her boobis and they are AMAZING :-D

Ambi Acacia is also really cool! We have been trying to get together for almost a year now I think so it was awesome to finally meet her! She has some really cool tattoos and a belly button ring. I think belly button rings are so sexy! I’ve wanted one for a REALLY long time. I’m thinking about finally going ahead and doing it this winter. Anyways I took some amazing sets of her. My favorite one was of her in her Spider-Man attire. So hot!

Last but not least I shot with Sadie Spencer. What a sweet girl! It was so nice to meet her and talk about our modeling experiences :-) We took topless pictures together and she had the HOTTEST corset. Again, I’m jealous. I have no idea where she found a corset that actually went around her huge boobs. I’ve tried ordering one a couple times but no luck :-(

Aside from Exxxotica I had my very first Chicago deep dish. It was super messy but also super delicious :-) I also went to the Shedd Aquarium. I actually met up with Cameron there but the line was too long and she had to leave early to catch her flight :-(. The line was totally worth it though! My favorite was the Coral Reef section and of course the seahorses! OMG I love seahorses :-) I got a new seahorse necklace :-D. They also had sea dragons, bonus! Btw what’s up with people killing seahorses, drying them out, crushing them up and eating them to increase sexual potency. What the fuck?

I will see you on cam hopefully next week! Here’s some pictures from my trip:

                                                                                                                                                            CHWKUb4UMAAvmgD                CHWP_nHUkAA1u4c                                                                                                                                                                Snapchat--6765437030561258464                          CHZi5MrVAAA3tRY






            DSC04863                DSC04853

Hey! So I haven’t updated my blog in quite a while! I’ve been super busy getting my site up and running. Its really been a huge learning experience. I’m happy to announce that now we’re finally live and accepting members! My site is YesBoobs.com. I’ve worked super hard on it and have taken/edited all the content by myself!

Besides working on my site, I’ve been trying to get myself into a good gym routine. I did really good last week and went down to the little gym in my apartment complex 4 times! I’m going to try really hard to get my titties in shape!

I’m heading South in about a week for Christmas. I’m not sure how long I will be gone for, but it will be at least a weeks vacation. I’m thinking about trying to cam while I’m down there, but I’m not sure what the internet will be like….

I will be on Streamate all throughout the week if you want to visit me before I leave :-D If I don’t post again before Christmas, I wish you all happy holidays!


Hey guys! I just got back from a week long camping trip. I’m super backed up on emails and such, so in case you’re wondering why I haven’t responded, I’m not ignoring you, my titties are just overwhelmed.

Camping was super fun (except for that one time it rained all night and day and the tent flooded). I bounced my titties all over the woods, had homemade ice cream and fresh trout, ate probably the strongest pot brownie I’ve had in my entire life and talked about my upcoming boob site (yesboobs.com) to total strangers.

I will be camming live on Streamate this week so stop by and say hey. If you would like to chat with me at a certain time you can send me a message on there and we’ll set something up! Here is a picture of my titties on vacation.

vacation titties

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve been super busy starting up my own busty site! The site will be yesboobs.com. If you click the link right now it will direct you to our twitter, which you should definitely follow for updates :-). The site will not only feature me, but a variety of super awesome busty girls! We will be launching sometime soon, so make sure you follow us to stay in the loop for when we go live :-D.

I have had so much fun putting the site together! It has been really awesome meeting girls from around the country that do the same thing as me. I have never really met other busty models before, its been a real treat! I’m glad that I had the chance to meet so many special, beautiful ladies, and hope to meet many more!

I take and edit the content myself. Editing is so fun OMG! I’m learning something knew with each set. Also, found out that I absolutely LOVE taking pictures! I think photography will be my new and first hobby! Seriously, never had any hobbies before besides masturbating and flashing my tits.

What else? Oh! About a month ago I took a train to visit my Grandma in Maryland. I love trains and long scenic rides! I have stopped smoking cigarettes (for the most part) and switched over to electronic cigarettes (vaping). Sometimes when I’m in public, people confuse it with actually smoking. So to avoid any confusion, I decided to just vape in the bathroom on the train. I was SO stoked to find out that there was actually a WOMEN’S dressing room, totally seperate from the bathrooms, without a toilet in it or anything. Just stools, mirrors and sinks. It was like the perfect vape spot until like the third time I went down there and seriously caught some random dude jerking off. Like I knocked on the door and got no answer. I checked to see if it was locked, it wasn’t and I totally opened up the door to a middle aged man’s ass. He was all hunched over the sink and he looked back at me :-(. I thought about telling someone about it, but that would’ve been kind of awkward and the damage had already been done. Sometimes I feel like every aspect of my life just revolves around guys jacking off.

I have a new set posted on XLGirls. Its called “I Love My 34JJs”. There are slow motion jumping jacks! Also, slow motion jumping jacks while I’m sucking on one of my nipples! You should check it out. Also, I will be responding to the comments left on here in the next few days. Sorry I haven’t yet, just been super busy and now I’m really tired and going to sleep <3


Hi there! So I’m going to go on a bit of a rant about an increasing trend I see in the webcam community. A lot of webcam models are now referring to themselves as “sex workers”. Some are even going as far as to say they are in the same category as prostitutes or strippers at a club. Girls, please.

Webcam modeling is not the same as prostituting or even stripping in person at a club. How can this be considered sex work if no one is even having sex? I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure know the difference between rubbing my clit in my bedroom and getting penetrated by random dicks in strange locations.

Now I’m not saying that I am better than women who choose these jobs. I have a lot of respect for prostitutes. Especially those who are doing it right, trying to be as safe as possible and are running it like a legitimate business. My life experiences have taught me that I am no better than anyone else. All I’m saying is that there is no “stop” button in person. You can’t just click out of a dangerous encounter, or some stranger playing bongos on your ass at a strip club.

You are not a “sex worker”. You are providing a more real and interactive visual experience intended for masturbation. You are live pornograpy. Masturbation is very different from sex with an actual person, or they wouldn’t be two completely different things.

There are some webcam models who also do some things on the side (again, no disrespect, to each their own) but please, lets just let them decide what they would like to call themselves. If they aren’t running around the place screaming “Hey look guys, I’m a sex worker!”, then perhaps we shouldn’t be either.

Lets stop trying to be cool and group ourselves in with women leading rough lives and putting themselves in dangerous situations while we just sit at home in our nicely decorated bedrooms, not having to be touched or actually see who we are chatting with. Its just silly.

Hi guys! I wanted to post last week (I’ve been trying to update weekly) but I came down with a cold :-(

I wanted to post about my new cam room (I am super proud of it!) but that will have to wait because The Score Group has just released a new set of me on XLGirls. I didn’t expect them to release a new one so quickly.

The set is called ‘Put Your Red Dress On Tonight’ even though I end up taking it off. I absolutely love the video! This is probably like my favorite XLGirls video of myself. I had so much fun taking it! I’m literally laughing the entire time.

Besides laughter there is tons of nipple sucking…. Nipple sucking while doing jumping jacks, nipple sucking while flexing my other titty and me sucking both my nipples hands-free! And of course, the video ends with me playing with my pussy. So check out my new set and don’t forget to show your big-titty support by rating and comments. I really do enjoy reading my comments there. I hope everyone is having a great week <3



Hiiii!!! :-D I’m toasting to big titties over on XLGirls and you should be too! Yesterday the lovely folks at Scorelad released a brand new set of me called ‘Lingerie Lust’.  I am super excited aboutsarah rae 1 the set. These are probably my favorite out of all my professional big titty pictures! There is a video with a matching picture set. This is the first of 4 new sets they took of me.

In the pictures I show off my big-titty skills, including my newly aquired skill, hands-free double nipple sucking! I have gotten so good at it guys, I was so stoked! I was able to hold it for a few minutes. I was blessed with 2 amazing photographers who were so impressed and kept telling me how talented I was. Thery were also hilarious and we had so much fun shooting! It really didn’t even feel like I was working. it was more like I was just laughing while flashing my titties for a couple days.

sarah rae 3

The video was super fun too! They gave me a little bullet vibrator (which looked like a mouse) and I rubbed it all over my titties and down my cleavage. When I put it in my cleavage it dissappeared and made my titties vibrate! We joked around about how it was “boob vibration therapy” and how it was helping me relieve a lot of pent-up big titty stress. I end up pulling out my right titty so I can see what affect the vibrations have on my huge nipples. Then I lean back on the sofa and make the bullet disappear somewhere else ;-).

Dave and Elliot came by in the studio to say hi. Me and Elliot hugged and Dave and I had a nice little conversation on my first day of shooting. He came back the second day and did an interview video with me, which can also be found on the XLGirls site. I show off my hands-free nipple sucking skills live SarahRae40for the first time on camera, joke around with Dave and jiggle my titties. I like Dave and Elliot, they were so nice to me. They did a post about me over on the Scoreland Blog.

Also they got a new hair and makeup lady. I think she is the best hair and makeup lady out of all the hair and makeup ladies in the whole wide world! I truly believe that if it wasn’t for her these pictures would not be nearly as beautiful.

I had a super fancy hotel room while I was there. The room had a huge bed, sectional, basin sink, huge flat screen tv and a little bar area with a mini-fridge. There was also a pool and I went swimming everyday after my shoot. There was also a really nice authentic cuban resturant within walking distance of the hotel. I went there every night for dinner. The food was so delicious and you could tell that the people who worked there took pride in their food. I had some really amazing homemade tres leches, milk cake.

Anyways, I had such an amazing time! Thanks so much Score for inviting me back! If you want to check out my new stuff at XLGirls it would mean so much to me :-D! Feel free to rate me and comment on my stuff! I love reading and responding to my comments on there. Thanks for reading this long post! Take care guys! <3

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great start to the month! I am super excited because I just got a new digital camera, which means I now take more amazing pictures :-D

I’ve started taking mini-picture sets, about 10-20 pictures each. So far I have 2 completed sets, yay me!

I’ve started doing gold shows on Streamate. I’m really starting to get into them. I like them because there is a lower price per person and more people can jerk it to me at once! Its only 2 dollars to join my show and I am giving away these picture sets as a special thank you to anyone who joins. I am going to have a new picture set every week. The first set I did was me in my new dress that I bought from ‘Discount Stripper’.

Also, early today I got some fancy raspberry flavored chocolates and the one I just ate tasted minty :-(

cut-out dress 4

One of my twitter friends bought me a new bra as a belated birthday present. I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you so much! I absolutely love it. It is so cute and it was really sweet of you to go out of your way to get it for me. I am so glad that there are guys like you out there. You make getting naked on the internet so pleasant! You give me the strength to flash my titties another day! Thank you for having respect for women and thank you for supporting my titties.

Sarah <3

ty menno blog




Hey guys! I just got back from modeling for Score again. I had some travel issues. My original flight back home got cancelled due to freezing rain in Atlanta and I had a longer layover, but I made it! I had the best time ever at Score Studios. Seriously, it was the most fun I’ve ever had there. The new hair and makeup lady is the best hair and makeup lady in the whole wide world. My outfits were hotter than they’ve ever been and I can’t wait until they are released and I get to see them!

I bought a new digital camera that I’m really stoked about. Its purple and amazing. You can see my eye twinkles! Now I can take better pictures for you guys!

I took this picture for you all for Valentine’s day. I’m wearing a really pretty bra that my boyfriend bought me. I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day filled with lots of titties and lots of love!